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Engagement Rings that are Made of Sapphire


There are various types of engagement rings, but a lot of the people only recognize a diamond ring since it is the most common one. Even though only a few people knew that sapphire engagement rings also exist, it is definitely not new. In fact, it is not a fad and it will not easily disappear and become out of style either. Since it was used in one of the royal weddings, this type of Emerald engagement rings became popular and thousands of people all over the world who will soon be wed were curious about it.


Historical Background of Sapphire Rings


Believe it or not, long before diamond engagement rings became the standard, various gem stones such as sapphire were already used by couples to symbolize their love, intention and devotion for each other. The truth is, it was only during middle of the 20th century when diamond rings became the norm when it comes to engagement rings. This happened because of the enormous supply of diamonds that was discovered in two countries. In addition, the extensive marketing campaign that was created by the world's leading diamond company that made the famous phrase "A Diamond Is Forever" also contributed to the popularity of diamonds. Since then, it became the norm that was used for engagement and wedding rings.


Although sapphire rings are not as common as diamond rings, it was already used for betrothals before since it represents the main qualities of commitment, honesty, love and romance. Furthermore, most of the people from the past had a belief that once you own a sapphire stone, you will be protected from envy and harm. On top of that, they also believed that the blessings from heaven are attracted to this particular type of stone.For further details regarding engagement rings, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XvWs1W-vtM.


Sapphire Engagement Rings Signifies Faithfulness


Purity and fidelity are two of the most common representations of a sapphire ring. Interestingly, the 12th century crusaders gave sapphire rings to their wives so that they will know if they have been unfaithful or not. During that time, it was believed that you will know the faithfulness of a woman through the sapphire ring. If the color of the ring fades, it only means that the woman wearing it is impure and unfaithful.


Needless to say, this type of belief is already viewed as ridiculous these days. Nevertheless, the meaning of the ring continues to be true. That is, when a man gives the love of his life a Ruby engagement rings, he would expect her to remain faithful to him whatever the circumstances are.